Attorneys are expensive and I have had two. I don’t really have any more money. Should I wait till she makes the first move? We were living together while going through the divorce. I wasting 9,000 that no attorney could do anything, since we were living together. Instead of changing locks should I just sit back and wait till she has decided she is not coming back? Or should I just change the locks, and file equitable distributions?

The problem with me changing the locks is we just went to court on the 3rd of September and my equitable distribution case was dismissed, becuase we were still living together. Since the accident she has stayed at her son. For me to change locks now would be a little suspecious if I say we are living separate even though it is true.

I am thinking to just wait until she is ready. She can’t do anything either until we are separate. Should I wait?

You can file ED when you are separated, and that’s why your case was dismissed. If she’s been living separate since 9/3 with the intention to remain apart, then you are now separated and you are free to change the locks and file ED.