Dear Shaker:

Greetings. Yes, you do need to try to obtain this information, as it will bolster your alimony position should your case go to court, instead of resolving amicably. You should contact a private investigator in your area and have your husband followed. Get a PI that has the newest equipment (like car mounted recording devices, etc.) Let us know what proof you uncover.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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Hello, I’m going through a seperation since april of this year. Papers have not been drawn up as of yet but it looks like they will be soon. For the past 2 months I have been trying to get my husband to try and work things out because I truly love him and wasn’t really sure what was going on with him. Well the other night he finally came out and told me that he has been unfaithful twice in the past three years of our 30 year marraige. The first affair didn’t last but the second one has been going on since 10-03. Well naturally now my love has gone to hate. I have contacted an attorney and he said the only way I can get him on this is to have proof because he can deny what he told me, which in fact the next day he said, “Do you think I’m stupid, I would never admit this in court” I have no idea who this person is and really don’t see how I can find out, can you give me any adivse and do I have a leg to stand on. I’m the dependent spouse and have been the homemaker for the last 9 years.

Thank you, Shaker