Back child support & tax evasion

LOL, Family law courts are not what you may think them to be. My wife worked for 5 years getting paid under the table and did not report her income but, the judge didn’t care at all! She even cashed checks that required my signature (fraud) and he did not care at all!

But, the courts are very heavy handed with dead beat dads so, you should not have to worry about anyting other than paying your legal fees unless the judge makes him pay those also.


My wife is trying to get arrears from her ex-husband. After lots of legal wrangling, we finally got his tax information for the past few years, and one item really stood out. He has changed jobs many times, and made good money with most of them. For one year, however, he claimed on his tax records that he worked three jobs and made only about $4000 for the entire year. During that year, he made monthly house payments of $600 and bought a new car. We also know that he was working another job that he did not report in his tax filing.

Now that he has been confronted with the amount that he owes in back child support, he has hired an attorney and says he’s going to fight out the matter in court. My question is, if we go to court on this matter, will his obvious tax evasion be held against him? Usually when evidence of another crime comes up in court, the new crime is reported, but I don’t know if that rule applies to Civil Courts.