Self employed child support?

First I am sorry to here that. I am going though the same thing with my STBX and she is not going to be able to sit down when the courts get done with her. I am going to use last years and the year before taxes to prove that she is making more then what she is showing and telling. She lied to the court and said that she does not own the biz in the other town I proved that she does and when we went to court again she said that she does own it boy what a lair.
We also got her bank statements and even her bills add to more then she is tell again she is a liar and she is going to pay for that. For you I would get the taxes from last year and as far back and use that and get his bank statments if its cash not easy to prove just like me her biz is a cash and carry biz (salons) but she has to pay bills some how and taxes from last year so will show that she is making more then last last year she only has 1 salon this it is 2 salons well double the income hmmmm. But I hope the court sees that hope soon want this all over with[:(].
I hope this hepled you out a little

Thanks so much for you response. I have our taxes for each year we have been married…made sure I got them all when I left, also I went to the bank and got all of our bank statements for the last year showing his paycheck deposits:) Found out I can have his cxld checks subpoenaed for court[;)]

Also the courts will look at his sneakiness as bad faith on his part.

I hope all goes well with you and your family. This stuff can really get ugly and it takes so long.


Sarah Thank you for writing that.
Yes you are right this type of thing can get very ugly and take a long time I did not even think that this would take this I heard at least 12 to 18 months for all this to clear and that stinks I just want to move on with my life but I keep on getting pulled back by this I hope soon this will end.
Are you going to court soon about this? Because I will soon I think next month I hope who knows they keep on changing the date I was supose to go this month but I did not make it on the list this time not happy about that. I think they are trying to hold as much as they can due to she will be paying me CS but to tell the truth I think none of us are going to pay it will be split with the children 50/50 with no CS only time will tell.
Good luck to you hope the best

My stbx was paying himself $825 a week, he is now paying himself $300 a week…I go for child support on 2/22 for this first time will they determine his child support on the $300 he is making now? Can his cxld checks be subpenoa (spelling)? This is certainly bad faith on his part…his partner in the biz is now geeting my stbx’s money in his check…

Can anything be done about this?