Taxes on child supoort


She’s going to have to prove that she is making less when she goes to court. Judge isn’t going to just take her word for it. Surely you know this. I know the girl that cuts my hair owns her salon with another girl there. I make my checks out directly to her so I don’t think that’s all that unusual because there has to be some kind of financial accounting for the two girls that own it and what they make together. I’m sure your pictures will help you if necessary, but I don’t think you are going to need them.


Thank you soccermom27021 for your reply but when it comes to proof she will just have to show her books and you know that type of business is cash and carrier less checks better cash gos in the pocket and there is on proof no where. But can the bills she have show that she is at least making that kind of income to pay for the bills? Will the judge ask for that or the lawyer should


In determining my income my ex had my business’s books subpoenaed so yes, you can do the same thing. Not much you can do about it being a cash business I’m afraid, but at some point the bills have to be paid–so if she horrendously underreports, then the judge should question that.


Well you know good and well she can’t lie about income to the IRS so there has to be a way that her books are audited and you can subpoena them for sure. Beagle’s right too…the bills are having to get paid somehow and she is getting $$ from somewhere for that!


Also keep in mind that certain professions come under more scrutiny than others, particularly food service, hair stylists, and other cash-possible businesses. You don’t get to the bench being dumb.


Can you please tell me I hope I am right. My STBX is saying that she is making less of income this year. She owns 2 salons she told the court that one of them she gave to her friend (I beleive that LOL)I went to the salon and took a picture of the salon license and the SBTX name is on it (oh boy) is that not telling the truth?
Last year on our taxes she made around $20000.00 more then I did and at that time there was only one salon. Now there are two salons and the new was built before we split. How can she tell the court she is making less when last years taxes show more with less salons and by her telling the court she does not own the other one what would the judge do/say to her about this proof of the picture of the salon license? She also is making checks payable to her at the salon instead to the salon when poeple pay her is that not wrong doing aswell (pictures too of this). Sorry putting so much down just confused and to tell you the truth scared about this mess, children and me going though a lot soon this will be over we can not wait.
Please let me know and if you have any ideas on this that can help me
Thank you so much