My husband’s ex wife has threatened to take him to court for an increase in child support. At the time of the divorce 11 years ago, they settled everything between them and their lawyers, no judge was involved. He agreed to an amount of $550.00. The children are now 13 and 17. My question is regarding her income. She quit her job 3 years ago so that she and her new husband could start their own business. From everything we have heard it is very successful. The business is in her husbands name and she is listed as the vice president. She manages the store and is the only employee in the store (its a pool and spa business) every day and does the accounting. I do not know if she writes herself a paycheck. If she does not write herself a paycheck can she claim that she has no income, or would half the profits of the business be considered hers?


The court would consider all evidence of the business income to determine what she is making.