Filing Seperation?

We have a 13 year old son , which is not an issue in CS, i will make sure he is cared for. however since there is a child involved do I need a judge to set an amount at separation ? I make 55K , She ran her business until she ran out of unemployment and shut it down at end of 2010 and hasnt worked since. house is in foreclosure. she has already told me “You will pay dearly” however her business decisions came back on us in 2009 as she wasnt sending employee withholding, so IRS came after us, took the equity in our home. life insurance policy, and 401K to pay of the fine. Then while I was working out of state she used our personal account (bank closed her business acct) to deposit tens of thousands, wrote out payroll checks, thousands to “cash” all the while collecting unemployment (I downloaded all bank records from 2009-present) Since “our” savings went to pay off her mess, will this affect any alimony settlement ? ( I think, she thinks im oblivious to the banking stuff) Dec '10 she said they (She and her Sister) were finally through because unemployment was gone…I told her she had to get a job, she said she needed a break after “all she had been through” she aint looked since.
Thanks for your input

You can agree on a child support amount by contract, and you won’t have to go to court. There is no need to go to court if the two of you can agree.

Thank you Ryan, I just wanted to be clear