Visitation and earning potential


You can dispute any increase on the basis she is clearly impuning her income. If you can prove this, the judge can order based on her potential earning income.


My question is two fold.
First my husband is divorced and the divorce agreement states visitation is Friday evening to Sunday evening. For the last year she has been allowing us to have her from Wednesday night to Sunday night and she got made and changed it to friday to sunday and she has forbidden me from being the one who picks the child up, can she do either of these things? She has also suggested that since my husband works Saturday during the day that maybe he shouldn’t pick the child up until Saturday after work so she doesn’t spend all day with me, can she do this?

Next thing is the ex wife has 2 Associates degrees: one is Business Administration and one is Accounting. She used to have a job making about $50,000 a year. She has quit that job because she was sleeping with her boss and couldn’t handle the stress and now makes $10.00 an hour working as a property rental clerk. Their child support agreement was based on them both making about the same money (about $10.00 an hour working full time). She has since remarried and decided she only wants to work part time M, T and Friday all day and 1/2 Wednesday and off on Thursday. Can she take him back to court and demand more money because she went from making $20,000 a year to about $15,000 a year. By the time they divorced she has already quite the $50,000 a year job so we based child support on the other figure. She can afford to do this because she got remarried and he makes a decent salary. Please let me know if the judge might raise the child support because she doesn’t want to work full time.