Child Support Calculations

Hello, we have been divorced since '08. We have a true 50/50 custody agreement (w/ me a week & w/ him a week), financially we have split the costs to date however, his salary is significantly higher than mine. I have not made much of an arguement b/c in the past he’s always threatened to make trouble b/c I do not live in their school district. I had to relocate to a more affordable location. I have one in middle school and one in high school, both of which are there everyday when I have them, are never late or miss any school. I am certain he will have to pay some due to the salary difference but my questions are:

  1. Since he has remarried do the courts take the additional income into consideration when calculating the support?

  2. What could happen regarding the school district situation? Records will reflect they do not miss when they are w/ me nor are they late but I worry about the fact that I do not live in their district.

Thank you in advance.

Your ex’s spouse’s income is not a factor in determining support, only his income will be used.

As far as the school district goes, I believe so long as the children do have a residence (his house when they are there) in the district that they can remain. I would however suggest you double check with the district to confirm.