Change in Child Custody

I think that will have to be recalculated through Child Support agency once she has remarried and the arrangement is actually changed. You can run the support calculator with however many overnights the children are with you, even if it’s not exactly 50% of the time, but I would caution you to make sure that if you are paying child support to the state, to make sure that they are aware of this change and they initiate it. If it is through the state, get the case worker to fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it through after your ex gets remarried. This may not change the amount as much as it would have before the guidelines increase a couple months ago but sometimes any difference is worth it.

My wife and I have been divorced for almost three years. Our seperation agreement classifies us as "joint custody but residing primarily with wife"
There is a clause in the agreement that says if she remarries then I will have approx. equal time and custody. She has told me she intends to remarry.
My two girls may not completely agree with a weekly switch but I want to form even better ties with them.
Can I calculate child support based on the agreement of 50/50 even though my ex-wife will allow them to stay at her house more than 50/50.
I already maintain a bedroom for each of them at all times and my house is always open to them. They already spend nights, etc. just not as many as the 50/50 arrangement.