Child support

If you look on this website, there is a child support calculator that should help you determine what you should be paying. It will take into account both of your incomes and what both of you should contribute toward the support of your children.

Unfortunately, having an affair does not change the amount of child support that is paid. If you have joint custody, run the calculator and see what you are supposed to be paying and file for modification if the amount you are paying is wrong. Again unfortunately with joint custody unless you both make the exact same amount child support will have to be paid. On the bright side, the day care and insurance can be added in on what you pay and may decrease the amount. Have your ex do the calculations herself if she doesn’t believe you. This is what the courts go by.

…And if there is a difference of 10-15% in income since the order was established, or it’s been over 3 years, you can have N.C. Child support re-evaluate the amount of support you are paying. This will not involve a lawyer and may be to your advantage…

Men are very clueless to this, its a big difference between keeping a child 2/3 days during the day rather than spending the night 2/3 days. Its all about the overnights(as well as the money you make) and if you use the calculator on this site it say how many overnight not visits. and is this a mutual agreement or court ordered. Think about it, if you pick your children up in the morning to take them to school you spend about 15-20 minutes with them the rest of the day you at work they at school untill you go pick them up, maybe hangout with them for about 2 or 3 hrs and then you take them back home to their mom. Wake up men!!, be a daddy ask for 2/3 overnights during the week and make one a Friday or Saturday that way it show that you are not hanging out you staying at home with your kids on Friday or Saturday nights.

dont misunderstand what I said…My daughters stay OVERNIGHT with me 2-3 days a week…i am well aware of what joint custody mean…i just think i am paying to much

Well then its based on how much money you make verses how much she makes, and is that $300 monthly, and is it through Social Services, and have you tried using the calculator on this site.

Run the calculator. It’s based on the number of overnights, what you make vs. what she makes and even if you have to guess at what she makes, you will be able to include the day care and insurance on your side of it. If you have joint custody then you very well may be paying too much,since you do pay these other amounts for care and maintenance.
If you’re paying $300 monthly to the state, then the calculator is what they go by, and can be re-evaluated every 3 years. If you are paying too much according to the calculator, don’t tell her, but let her file for modification. She’ll be in for a shock when she starts getting a check for less [}:)]but won’t that be worth it…

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If you look on our main website you will see a child support calculator. That will assist you in figuring out the correct amount of support.

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i pay my wife 300.00, i pay 400.00 a month for day care and an additional 200.00 for insurance, we have joint custody and i get my 2 girls 2-3 days a week and take them to school every morning…she had an affair and says i should pay more…what should i be paying…