Child Support Payment

There is a child support calculator on the home site that factors his salary, her salary, number of overnights with each parent, insurance and child care costs. These are the state guidelines that DSS and the courts would use to figure child support. This would tell you if the amount he is currently paying is enough or if the state would require more or less from him should it go through them.
If there was an agreed upon amount it would really be a good idea to get it in writing, along with all the other stuff you mentioned. This would be to protect both parties; him so that she couldn’t start asking for more, and her for him agreeing to pay a specified amount.

It depends on how much you make on your job but he should be paying no less than $600 a month

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Greetings. Go and run the child support calculator and it will tell you what he has to pay. Thank you.

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How much monthly child support should a father of three( ages 13,10 and 4) be paying. He has them every other weekend and an occasional Wednesday night.He makes about 40,000 a year and provides no health insurance(their stepfather pays for it), no money for clothes, school lunches, medicine for the kids or money for special activities(school,church,etc.) He pays $165.00 a week. This was agreed upon when they split up and there was no separation agreement. Thanks for whatever help you can give me!