Backpay Child Support


Was/is there an order in place requiring your ex-gf to pay you child support from jan05 through aug05? If no, then she doesn’t have to pay you anything.

Who is “they” in your case? Are “they” asking you to enter into a consent order - the “agreement” you refer to - in which you agree to forgo your right to seek what appears to be retroactive child support from jan05 through aug05? Ask your attorney why she recommends you not seek back child support for the period you had custody of your son.


When you got temporary custody, your lawyer should’ve asked for temporary child support or you could’ve gone through the NC child support enforcement agency. If there was no support order in place from August to December, your lawyer should fight against it or countersue for your own back child support. My ex didn’t pay a single dime until he HAD to and no one asked him for back child support. Say NO to paying it until a judge tells you you have to. I’d question why your lawyer is allowing this.



I had a question about custody and child support. January 05, I was awarded temporary custody of my son from my ex-girlfriend. I had him until August 05 when we went for custody, in that time frame she never paid for any support, medical, prescriptions, etc. August she actually won the custody of our son back and now being December, they are asking me to sign an agreement to pay back child support from August to December. My question is, doesn’t she have to reimburse me for support between January 05 thru August? I was unemployed the first 2 months due to a layoff and was able to make ends meet. The agreement that they want me to sign states that I can not go after her for back support for those months. I asked my lawyer and she said it was ok to sign. I am very leary to sign. Any help?