Can anyone answer question on back child support

I am trying to understand if I have to prove expenses on back child support or use the guidelines.

On Nov. 5 of last year, my attorney filed a complaint. Part of it states “the defendant has failed and refused to pay a reasonable amount of child support in accordance with the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines…Plaintiff is…entitled to retroactive child support from date of separation pursuant to N.C.G.S. 50-13.4.” Does this mean, although this case has drug out forever that I have indeed already filed a claim for child support and retroactive child support will definitely be owed according to the guidelines? STBX claims he was told by an attorney that back child support is rarely ordered by the judge. My lawyer said he will definitely have to pay. Which is correct?

Thanks if anyone has experience with this


No personal experience on this, however, everything I’ve ever read would indicate that you absolutely are entitled to back child support and can absolutely receive it.

Thanks, that is the way I understand it but STBX seemed so sure that I started to second guess what I thought.

Retroactive Child support can be ordered as of the date of filing. Support before the November 5 date can be ordered but you will have to prove actual expenses by way of bank statements and receipts.