Retroactive Child Support

I have been trying to find out how retroactive child support works. I have been going through the child support enforcement for over a year trying to get child support. I was told several different things about retroactive support. That I need receipts and retro support will only be given based off receipts provided, that housing and utilities bills could not be used, that they could be used, online it says they can get retro support based off the guidelines formula and I was also told that it just depends on the judge and what they chose to do. My ex has paid $3000 in two years and cancelled six months worth of visits with our son. Base doff the formula he should be paying $600 per month. Is there a state statute for this or is it basically the judges decision. My case will be out of New Hanover County.

The child support guidelines allow the court to determine the amount owed based on the guideline calculation or based on the actual expenses related to caring for the child. But, the person seeking should supply the court with evidence on past expenditures made on behalf of the child. Typically an affidavit showing these expenses will suffice.

If you believe you are receiving less than the guidelines would provide for, then you should also make a motion to modify your child support order.