Child Support


Dear DaphneJo:

Greetings. First, you should request a deviation from the guidelines. Ask the court to include travel expenses as an extraordinary expense you incur related to the child. Next, no, I doubt that it will be retroactive, but I am sure that you could get it changed now if the circumstances have changed. Just make sure to include the circumstances that have changed since the entry of the last order in your motion. Finally, there is not a standard Motion to Modify Visitation, but these motions are drafted by attorneys specifically for each individual case. Best of luck and please try to have a happy holiday (and don’t worry about the upcoming court date!)

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My ex husband had my Childsupport reviewed in 2002 due to his first ex wife demanding child support for their 16 year old daughter. Since his income had decreased due to paying this support, my support went up from 279.00 per month to 416.00 per month. I have been paying this amount since. I just found out he only paid support for this child for less than 6 months. Is there any way I can argue that my support should be reduced, and retro the amount it was raised for 2 years? Since he only paid for 6 months. I have a court date of January 7th, 2005. I am representing myself, I need all the help I can get. My income is only 1,100.00 per month. I live in Charlotte Nc, and he lives in Wilmington NC, its a 220 mile trip for me evry other weekend, I do all the driving and pay for all my sons clothes, shoes, anything extra. Please help. Also I need to know where I can get a form for New Hanover County for a Motion to Modify Visitation. Thank you in advance! Daphne[?]