Bargaining with child support

Sure, he can take you to court over custody, as custody can always be modified based on a substantial change in circumstances. However, if you and he cannot agree on a 50/50 split and end up in court, it is going to be difficult for him to get a judge to award that type of custody to him. Such a set up means that the parents really have to work together and be cooperative, which may be an issue if you are in court.

If you are in court on a divorce complaint, the court will not hear anything on custody at that time. A new complaint will have to be filed, and the matter put on the calendar for that issue.

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My soon to be ex has our daughter 130 days/year and I have her the remainder. He does not pay me child support. He wants to rewrite our separation agreement so that our split is 50/50 days of the year and THEN he will start paying me some support ($75/mo). If I don’t agree to this (and I’m not going to) can he fight me for 50/50 days? If I let him keep her 50/50, then based on the child support calculator, I would qualify for $0 from him (it’s about $200/mo based on things now). When we go to court for our divorce next month, can a judge rule on this at that time or would it have to be contested separately by him if he wants to go that far?