Please make this end


I was told by the court appointed child custody mediator this past Tuesday that child support is decided by one of three ways. One is by the NC calculation form based on nights with each parent, income etc. Another is by agreement between both parents (ie. one parent wants the kids more but agrees to accept support that is already in place for the good of the kids), basically what ever they agree upon. Last method is by decision of the judge. Method number 2 can be done and signed by the judge as the amount to be paid.


At this time we have a 60%/40% split of custody with child support being paid of $482 a month. she now wants 70%/30% split of custody and if i give that the additional dollars will make it very tough for me to live. she claims from her atty. that she can get the 70%/30% split and we can agree to an amount of support that will be less than would be requited by the schedules. this seems wrong and impossible to me as support can change due to many factors and with this deal it feels like all i am doing is getting setup for her to say in a few months that she changed her mind and wants all the money now. How would a situation like this work and is it recommended to accept something like this and will it last in court.

thanks for the help and only 96 days left till the year is over and documents can be filed in court YIPEEEEE!!!