Basic Understanding

Hi - We are being sued for additional child support by my husband’s ex regarding their divorce from over 15 years ago. The kids are well over 18 years old.

We have hired an attorney, although I have some basic, process-oriented questions that I do not understand. Whenever I ask a question, it costs us money. Can you recommend how I can find literature, or someone to talk to, just to learn, in layman’s terms, how this whole process works? I am not asking for free legal advice - only to understand the legal process in this case.

Many thanks.

Check out the link on this site pertaining to child support, all the FAQs, are great and the Statutes are posted as well.

With the basic info you list, I see no reason why child support is still and issue in that case.

Oh Erin, if you only knew. Our attorney is very professional and does very well to not crack up and laugh at the ridiculousness of the case. The ex is also an attorney, which is why I am afraid to give any details here. If that wasn’t the situation, I would utilize your forum more.

Thank you so much for the information. I will definitely do this research and see what I can learn myself.

I wish you all the best.