Bed and Board?

No, a divorce from bed and board is probably not appropriate for you, since you and your husband are already legally separated. That kind of divorce is usually used when the parties are still living together and are seeking a court ordered legal separation. In NC, you do not need any paperwork to show that you are separated. You just have to live at separate addresses.

As far as the lease is concerned, you’ll have to check with your landlord, and consult your lease to find out if you can get out of that lease agreement first. If so, then you can certainly move into a less expensive place.

You should also contact your local Social Services office to find out about getting some child support for your children. That should help you with the financial issues. I would do that as soon as possible.

When you talk to base legal, let them know that there are support issues, as well as any outstanding debts or other property that you want to have divided.

Good luck!

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Ok my husband of 17 years left the home we are leasing together and moved in with the other woman…Now is that where that bed and board comes in?? I went to base legal to seek help and advice and they are going to walk me thru the sep papers…But my question is…Seeing both our signatures are on the lease and he moved out can I move into a cheaper place so that it will make it financially better for the kids and I??And if I can do I have to get the husband a 30 day notice?? I have already told the husband there is no way I can afford the rent and the electric bilkl that he has let go in paying…I have had to seek financial help in paying for a shut off notice…But good thing is husband had his mail forwarded to his girlfriends house so now lol he will get the bills with his name on them…