Bigamy Laws in North Carolina


Dear MsHumillie:

Greetings. Do you want your husband charged with the crime of bigamy? Why not execute a contract dividing property and file for an annulment? Thank you.

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I actually know the person that you are speaking of, and I think that it is absolutely insane that you want to even be bothered with this lunatic, but that is your choice. Anyway, I can’t believe that you are on this site when one of my best friends have been trying to contact you for several weeks trying to resolve this 3 way triangle. The fact of the matter is, he is NOT YOUR husband legally. It is null and void, and the fact that you have admitted knowing about this makes you a bigamist too. This is a serious crime in the state of North Carolina no matter where the first marriage took place. It is very sad that you would even want to stay with a bigamist, and a person who does not support his child. Are you that desperate for a man? Certainly you can have him, as my friend only wants what is due to her child which is (support). While you are sitting around playing house with someone else’s husband, an innocent child suffers the consequences. You say on this site that you didn’t know; however, the truth is you chose not to know. It was clearly spelled out to you before. Who are you fooling? Your mother and father certainly knew, and certainly your fake husband knew. Why would your mother not tell you this? Why all of a sudden is this a surprise? or is it that all you care about was that this man was supporting your children. That is certainly a shame. What kind of woman are you? My friend does NOT want your “husband”. I gotta give it to him…He is a professional con-artist and very very good. I’m sure he told you he was divorced or better yet not even married. I have known him for years and he is the worse. You are sleeping with the enemy but once again I’m sure that he has convinced you that my friend is the enemy. Like I said, I know that he is very good. I could go on for days about this PSYCHO, BIGAMIST, LUNATIC, but it will take all night. Unfortunately, in reading this you two probably belong together. I wish you could understand, and what real mother wouldn’t understand that this is ONLY about a child. NOBODY wants this man, but YOU. (get it) I feel sorry for you because he has you fooled like he had my friend fooled, but she finally woke up. After reading this, I will encourage my friend to file bigamy charges on this deranged man. You can even help pay for the divorce in which he has refused repeatedly to do, so that you all can live happily ever after. Until then, I hope he made friends in jail for the last 30 days, because he will be visiting them again soon for being a BIGAMIST…If you want to be a part of it, then be my guest. I hope you take the lawyer’s advice and get a contract fast because I hope my friend come and take it all. He owes her that and then some. Read some other responses on this site about bigamy. It states that if the person is married to someone else, he is not married to you. I will pray for you because you need it. I bet he won’t tell you the real reason he left PG County, MD. He can run but he can’t hide or maybe you are simply and accomplice. I don’t know, I haven’t quite figured it out with you yet. but I wish you all the best and so does my friend. Until then why don’t you and your fake wannabe husband grow up and stop just thinking about yourselves and just include the other child, Didn’t you just turn 40?


</font id=“Arial”> Help! I just found out that my husband of two years plus never divorced his first wife. They marriage took place in the State of Maryland (Prince George County) I called Prince George County Family Law and verified what the first wife said was true. Are there in any laws on bigamy in the state of North Carolina? What are my options?