Bigamy question

I am going through a divorce. My wife previously was married but her first divorce was not final until 25 days after our marriage. She was married and filled for divorce in KY. I want to cite bigamy as a reason to void our marriage. We have filed for divorce in NC.

I have some questions.

  1. How do I do this? I have gotten an attorney but she is gone till 3 Jan. Do I even need to go to court or an have an attorney if I have the proof?
  2. If I have to take this to court and have a judge decide the legality of the paperwork what could be her possible defense?
  3. What could or should I do to prepare for this case?

You may have to go to court if your ex denies your claim of bigamy and will simply need to document that she was already married when the two of you purportedly married.