Bills that need to be took care of and so many ?s

My guess is that you have a divorce settlement that spells out all of the stipulations including equitable distribution, which means, who got what assets, and who will pay what liabilities. If you have joint accounts and he was told to pay them, then go to these lenders with your divorce papers and order them to get your name off the debt. They will contact your ex and make him refinance. If he refuses he is in contempt of the order, and you can file charges against him. I wouldn’t even bother with the emotional distress issue, unless you have a lot of money to fight him and you can clearly prove your case–and stand to win something in the end.

Me and my ex husband have been in a dispute over quit a lot of things, but back bills are one. Is there a time limit I can sue him for my bills. If so how long. I’m paying all of them off right now keeping proof that it is I and my recites. Names own the things we had are in were in both. We had kids together and were together for eight years. Can you help. Also looking into suing for mental and emotional distress, for now and back then. I have proof of all. doctors statements from friends and family or is this a long shot.[?]