Marital Debt


See my other post on the children.

The only thing you can do to make him help you with bills is to sue him. It can take up to a year to get into court. Is his name on the mortgage of your house? Is his name on the deed? Regardless of the above 2, if he lived with you more than several years, he may have a “marital interest” in the house.

You can be held responsible for the things he bought until you “officially” separated.


If you and your husband are both on the mortgage he is technically responsible for at least half of that debt. If you are awarded the residence as part of equitable distribution the debt will become yours, an will go in your


My husband “officially” left me and the children right after Christmas. He has taken some time off during the year and living in another state, but has returned. Now he officially moved out of our home. I know I am responsbile for the mortgage, bills, etc., regardless of if he gives me money to pay for them - but am I responsible for purchases he’s made in his own name during the times that he was gone? Also - is there anything I can do to legally make him help me with the bills, children, etc.? He has moved to NY.