Breach of Contract

My X has decided he is “tired of paying alimony” yet I have an alimony agreement with him that is considered a contract. I am not represented and can not afford an attorney again. I need to file a Breach of Contract but I have been told it needs to be written up by a lawyer. Surely there is a standard form in NC for this Breach of contract, or at least a website that has legal documents I can trust to use in civil court here in NC. Please advise…Thanks!

You need to bring a lawsuit to enforce the separation agreement. You will need to file a complaint, suing your former spouse for breach of contract. To learn more about this process, read our article Breach And Enforcement of Separation Agreements.

You can certainly pursue this action pro se (by representing yourself). However, you may want to consider our Rosen Online Service. This service provides access to a library of legal forms and allows communication with an online attorney. This service costs $199/month. Because pursuing a breach of contract action can be complicated and requires attention to the NC Rules of Civil Procedure, you may find our Rosen Online service particularly helpful.