Cacluating overnights

When calculating # of overnights how do you account for 3 weeks vacation time allotted to each parent during the summer? In our case, dad has not taken his 3 weeks ever. My suggestion is the this is not factored in to the calculation. All 12 months are calculated using the same ratio of DAD = 4 nights, per 2 weeks, MOM = 10 night , per 2 weeks. This simplifies holidays and vacation, minor work travel etc. Please advise.

To calculate overnights, I attempt to make the numbers reflect the actual agreement between the parties as accurately as possible. If the only vacation that was allotted to the parties is 3 weeks each in summer, then the calculation would be (3 x 7) + (20 x 4) = 101 overnights.

thanks, but I am struggling with him having the ability to take vacation for 3 weeks, but he has only exercised one of 6 weeks in 2 years.

Can you help me understand your formula… (3 x 7) + (20 x 4) = 101 overnights… The 20x4 is unclear.

Also, on occasion we both overnight travel for work. It typically avgs out to be 1-1.5 nights/per month for me. Should that be factored into the support calculation?

It seems to me he’s trying hard to get his overnights above 143 and get on worksheet b…

Sorry, The reason 20 isn’t clear is because I must have messed up my calculation. 52 weeks a year - 6 weeks for summer = 46 weeks of regular schedule / 2 week increments = 23 x 4 days per 2 week period = 92 + vacation = 113.