Calendar Request and Notice of Hearing

I received from my ex’s attorney a “Calendar Request and Notice of Hearing” document. It incorrectly lists XX as my attorney. I don’t have an attorney. Do I need to communicate this to the Court?

Next, all this is about is that we didn’t agree on a realtor to sell the house. Her attorney wanted her to pick a realtor and me to pick a realtor. If different realtors were selected (and they were) then the realtors were to select a realtor. Guess what, the realtors couldn’t agree on a realtor either! So, I have talked to several local realtors and they all are willing to negotiate on commissions. I have asked my ex and her attorney for us to “bid it out” to the lowest commission realtor. They will not so we are going to Court re this.

1. Am I on the hook for her attorney’s fees in light of the above?
2. Any recommendations on what I should do when I go to Court to increase my chances of success (lowest commission realtor)?

All advice appreciated.

You should let your ex’ attorney know that you are not represented.

I see no reason why you would be on the hook for attorney’s fees in this instance.