Sell House - Court Order - Realtor Issues

Hi, I have a signed Court order. The Order says:

  • I pick a realtor
  • X picks a realtor
  • If different realtors, the realtors pick a realtor.
  • The selected realtors were unable to agree on a realtor.
  • My x and her lawyer selected this process.
  • I wanted to solicit bids from realtors and go w/lowest priced one.
  • Now they are proposing we go with a realtor we’ve both talked to.
  • I propose we solicit bids and if this person is lowest one, we go with her.
  • If we cannot agree on which realtor we choose or have to go to Court to decide this, can I be held responsible for any of my x’s attorney costs or Court costs, if they file an action to take this to Court? To be honest, I live in the house and am in no hurry to sell.

All advice appreciated.

If you cannot agree, you will need to return to court and have the court appoint a realtor. You are not in violation of the Order, so I see no basis for you being charged with your ex’s attorney’s fees on this issue.