Selling our house will be a nightmare!


My husband and I will never agree on a real estate agent if the judge orders us to put the house on the market. He has been living in the house alone since Feb. 09. I moved out and my 2 college age kids moved with me. He was verbally abusive to all of us and we just couldn’t take it anymore. What can we ask the judge to do if he orders us to sell the house? My husband will not clean the house or get it ready for showings. He wants the house but can’t afford to buy me out. What can the judge order us to do so the house can be sold in a timely fashion? What does my lawyer have to ask the judge for? I do not want to have anything to do with my husband, we do not speak. Since I am paying half the mortgage (court order) I can see my husband stalling in selling our house. We both can’t afford to keep the house. I am also paying my rent.wpodell

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The judge can either appoint an agent, or a method by which one will be selected. If your husband does not cooperate and make efforts to keep the home in saleable condition he can be held in contempt of court.