Thank you for this forum. Reading the posts and replies has helped as I go through my own process.

My husband and I have been separated for about a year and a half. We tried but were unable to reconcile and now he has filed for divorce. We have no children together and we have a reasonable separation agreement and no debt to untangle. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I have no issues to fight over - only crushing grief.

I do have two questions, though, that I’d like to ask of an attorney.

  1. The divorce filing has our wedding date wrong - it’s off by 5 days. Does that matter?

  2. I am deeply saddened by the thought of my marriage being terminated while I go about my daily life. I feel like I should at least be a witness to the process. I understand from the do-it-yourself divorce instructions on your website that there will be a court hearing. Can I go on my own to court and observe? How can I find out when our court hearing is scheduled?

Thank you.

The wedding date should be correct, and you should file an answer to the complaint which states the correct date of marriage.
You may of course attend the divorce hearing, it seems to give lots of folks closure. Your soon to be ex will have to send you a notice of hearing which give the court date and location.

Thank you so much, I did not understand that I would get a notice about the hearing. I was agonized over the idea that a letter would just appear in the mailbox one day informing me that I was divorced.

Perhaps I will call your firm for assistance with filing an answer to the complaint in order to correct the date of marriage.

Thanks again,


Most divorces, especially those in which a fact as contested (as in this case with the date of marriage) do take place with a live hearing. There are however some counties who do divorces by summary judgment, taking place with no live hearing. In those counties a hearing must be specifically requested.
Feel free to give us a call in order to help you through this process. You can schedule an appointment by dialing any one of the three main numbers and selecting extension 100.