Filing myself, have court what?


I filed my Calendar request and Notice of hearing in Lee County. The clerk would not tell me anything. I asked her if that was it and she said, "that’s up to you!"
So now what? Does the court notify him of the court date or am I supposed to? Do I need any paperwork for court day?
Thanks for any info/ clarity you can provide.


You must send the Notice of Hearing and Calendar Request to the opposing party, and be sure to file a certificated of service with your signature stating that you mailed the documents to the opposing party, list the address, and sign and date the document.
You will then need to be present in court on the day and time the clerk gave you for the Notice of Hearing and Calendar Request. You should prepare a divorce judgment to hand up to the judge.


Thank you so much!! I am so glad I asked!

One more question…Will the divorce be granted that day? How long does it ussually take in front of the judge?

Thanks again!


Assuming procedure was followed correctly the divorce will be granted that day. I have not practiced in Lee County before, however in all other counties I have been to, the divorces go pretty quickly, depending on what matters are in front of you, my guess is you will be done before lunch.