Filing uncontested divorce.procedure question

Good evening.

I am in the middle of filing an uncontested divorce. I used this extremely helpful site to write up my own complaint, cover sheet…etc etc… My spouse was served summons via Sheriff 31 days ago. Tomorrow I want to schedule a hearing to finalize the divorce. What exactly do I do when i get to the courthouse? I am in Moore county, filing with a separation agreement that wil lsurvive any divorce (even though I failed to add it in my complaint) . I was given 4 papers from the court clerk when I filed, (2) Notice of hearing forms, which says "you are hearby notified that on such and such day the issue of such and such will be heard in this matter. and (2) Calendar request, civil court, basically it is a request that the case is heard and how long it will take and etc etc. Do I bring all 4 with my case number and ask for a calendar date for a divorce? or not, what exactly do I do. I would really like to do this on Monday. Thanks!!!

Procedures are different in every county, and we do not practice in Moore County, so I am not familiar with the procedures there. You should prepare all the documents provided, make sufficient copies so that there is one to file, one for you and one to mail to the opposing party, and then schedule it for a date the clerk provides you.