Calendering a hearing

Helo, I just need some advice.
I need to calender for a pss hearing/trial. I already sent summons, 33 days now no answer ( PSS is needed immediatley!!) What steps do I take? ( Ons County) Do I ask for a red calender date?
Also, how do you ask for or get certain judge when you calender?
Ladies in the clerks off cannot tell me …
Thanks for this much needed answer!

On the web site it says this :
2.10 Any party may place a motion on any Tuesday domestic short matters session. These sessions are for the calendaring of short domestic matters which will take no longer than one hour to hear. The judge will give priority to temporary child support cases and post-separation support hearings which can be done by affidavits and limited testimony.

PROBLEM - no one will explain what to do or how - what do I “ASK” for? explain “place a motion”

This forum is for general family law questions for NC, and we do not practice in Onslow County, but it sounds like you should use the short Tuesday calendar.