Red Calender Hearings

How are red calender custody mods scheduled? Are they first come, first served like blue calender? How long does it take to get red calender hearing? My case has been postponed multiple times due to my ex’s deployments.
Are the red calender dates listed on the NC Courts website? I found the blue calender and ED but couldn’t find Red.

“Red Calendar” means the case is set peremptorily and will not be moved or continued. This means that your case is a priority matter, and will be heard the day it is set. The whole day isn’t red calendared, just certain cases.

My case has be moved and continued multiple times due to his deployment. So I am wondering if the clerk since out a calender then the case is heard on the date selected or will they just give a date to hear the case? I am hoping my case will be heard next month but I don’t know how long it takes once a red calender date is requested?

My ex has continue to talk negatively about me in front of your child. When I tell him not to do this anymore he denies it but my daughter tells me he does and it makes her feel bad.
He says I am doing this to my advantage in our custody case. HE even stated to the mediator that he can’t help what his family says about me in front of our child. Our consent order stated either parent is not to talk negatively about the other parent in the presents of the child.

I sent him and email requesting that he stop. He denies. How do I go about proving that he is in fact doing this in front of our child?

It should be heard on its merits on the date it is red calendared for. Proving that he is violating your order by speaking badly of you in front of the child will just require your testimony. Most evidence is actually just oral testimony, and it will come down to whomever the judges believes to be telling the truth. If the child is old enough, she may be permitted by the judge to testify. The older the child, the more likely a judge would allow it.

Singlelady, you wouldn’t be bad mouthing your ex now would you? Why don’t you think about why he would bad mouth you? Are you taking advantage of him? Are you not cooperating with him? Try working with him and you might notice a world of difference. Also, would you really put your kids on the stand to testify against there dad? Besides the trauma I can only imagine that it would cause how could anyone believe a child. My son will say whatever he wants the parent to hear at any given time to make that parent happy. That would leave it to a he said/she said and I bet he could come up with just as much as you could.

Happily _Remarried, I do not believe this is a forum for you to give your personal opinion of a situation you know nothing about. How do you turn the situation around to me? No where in my post did I stated that I badmouth him, I said he badmouth me, I don’t say I didn’t cooperate with him! He has a history of it and because my daughter told me. If my child tells me someone is harming her in any way especially a adult I choose to believe her. Whether you choose to believe your child is your personal business, not mine. I didn’t ask her. She just told me. What does taking advantage of anyone have to do with a father talking bad about a mother in front of their child? Regardless of the situation between the both of us, that gives neither one of us to put our child in the middle by talking bad about each other. I think that is why our order included not to badmouth the other parent in front of the child. Sadly, parents do it all the time and I won’t allow it. But you are entitled to your opinion.

I asked for the attorney’s legal advice. Thank you Crystal for your help.

Singlelady, this is a public forum. If it was meant that no one could respond they would have made it so it was a closed forum. But it is for a reason - for others to share there experiences and feedback on what judges should be stayed away from at all costs. As far as not knowing your situation? Let’s see, you fell in love, married, had children, started having disagreements with your husband, realized that maybe he wasn’t the right person for you, filed for divorce, had heated arguments where you called each other names, which obviously led to the kids asking why mommy and daddy don’t get along. Did I miss anything?

If I had a dime for everytime that my ex bad mouthed me to my son I could have retired. All you can do is tell your kids to tell daddy that you don’t want to hear anything bad about the other spouse and makes sure your kids know that you are not a bad person. Save your money.

That is your opinion. Like I stated before there is a reason that it was ordered. It was ordered because there are consequences to a parent’s misbehavior. It affect a child and you can tell them all you want but it still doesn’t take away the mental damage therefore the reason I posted is for an attorney’s to response. If I wanted a personal opinion from a random stranger, I would have posted on the Parenting Forum where there was no attorney response. I think that is what the other two forums are meant for. This forum is meant for a attorney response and to help other people in the same situation. I have posted my experience to help other people in a similar situation but I would never ASSUME that a person is causing a negative response to a situation due to their OWN action for the simple fact that I don’t know them or the situation. So my point is you don’t know me or the situation therefore I posted to get general advice that has nothing to do with cause and effect but legal recourse. I will close this subject as my main object for my post is for LEGAL advice.

Good luck to you in your upcoming hearing.

ZZZzzz… I don’t care if you wanted a response or not. This is public forum and anyone here can post a response to your question. It’s no wonder why our courts are flooded with frivolous lawsuits and it takes 4 months before you can have your day in court for something that is more relevant like someone hiding income. But are system is so broken that no one even cares about that. You’re situation is no different than anyone else on this list accept you want to clog up the courts with it.