Move Away Evdience

I am trying to figure out what evidence I can bring to court when asking the judge to move out of state.

I plan to submit my evidence to my attorney but I would like to know if these items will help him build a case.

Can I bring in a journal of evidence, missed and canceled visitation calender, test scores for new school, pictures of child and family member and emails?
I do not want to have to much information for the judge yet I want to give her a clear picture of the events that have taken place since we’ve had 3 different judges and different attorneys.
How long does a red calender hearing usually last? We are trying to set a date for modification for permanent custody and my request to move out of state.

Also, will I need to give my ex written notice by certified mail of my intent to move? I have sent him an email, my attorney has filed a motion for permanent custody hearing in red calendar and sent notification to his attorney? If a case is granted a stay due to deployment, does the court reschedule the date or does the court automatically reschedule? I have switched attorneys between all this so I want to make sure my previous attorney did all the necessary steps.

“Red Calendar” means the case is set peremptorily and will not be moved or continued. Hearings vary in length of time. Some counties will give you a fixed amount of time, and others will hear it for as long as is necessary. A request to set a permanent custody hearing (as opposed to the actual custody hearing) and your request to move out of state, shouldn’t require a full-day. A permanent hearing often does. You should bring with you all evidence which will strengthen your case. Since you are the plaintiff, the burden of proof is on you. I cannot say for sure about your certified mail issue. That is up to you if you want to take the extra step of sending him a certified letter.