Permanent Custody Hearing - DIY


My ex and I have a temporary custody order in place. The permanent hearing is coming up in a few months. Our current custody arrangement/schedule with our children is very different from what the temporary order states and has been for a long time. I am unsure/worried what to expect at the permanent hearing and have a few questions:

  1. Can I submit evidence in the form of witness affidavits, letters, photos, calendar schedule, etc. prior to the hearing or do I have to wait until the hearing itself.

  2. If it can be submitted prior, how do I go about that?

  3. Can we, or are we supposed to bring witnesses

  4. If we write our own parenting agreement, can that be submitted at or prior to the hearing and prevent us from having to go through a lengthy hearing?

Thanks so much for any light on these matters!


Evidence is submitted at the hearing, and affidavits usually are not used in permanent hearings, but rather witnesses appear in person to testify.
If you are in agreement you should draft up the provisions in a Consent Order and ask that the judge enter the same as a court order in lieu of having a hearing.