Temporary vs. permanent hearing on custody

What was found as fact in the temporary hearing can’t be brought up again, correct? I had a protective order against my ex. It was not upheld. There was an assault with a deadly weapons charge dealt with in civil court only and it was found there was not enough evidence to uphold that charge. Do I have to testify about these matters again? Can they pull out an email and note I wrote used in the first trial and ask me questions about it again? Are these things just referenced as findings of fact and not asked about? Can I still mention abusive incidents that took place before the temporary hearing in my testimony or must I stick to testifying about what has happened since the temporary hearing? I don’t want to put a lot of time into preparing testimony related to what happened before the temp. hearing if I will not be asked questions about those matters.
I am really confused on this. If I talk about how I am a good mother, can I talk about what I did with my child before the temporary hearing or only since. Please help clarify exactly what can and can’t be referenced so that I can better prepare myself.


If the court has already made findings regarding a particular incident, testimony and evidence regarding the incident will not be heard again. You may testify regarding other similar incidents.