I have a temporary hearing at the end of this month which includes discovery of my medical records to prove disability. Will this be required for the final hearing as well? The reason for this is because my STBX is alleging that he knows nothing about my disability which is not true. I am also required to provide credit card statement from the DOM to current because STXB is alleging he knows nothing about those as well. Point being that he is falsely stating that he knows nothing about my disabilty or credit cards accured during marriage which is causing me to have to supply all these statements of discovery from my doctors and credit card companies. This is causing huge legal fees just for the temp issues. Will the judge require my STXB to pay attorney fees if it is proven that this debts and my disability was during the time of marriage? WIll it be a factor that I can not work and do not have resources to pay these fees?
Also after this temporary hearing, I can not longer afford to keep my attorney. During the permanent hearing, will the judge consider the temporary orders that have already been put into place? If I move out of the state, will I have to come back for every hearing to include the ED hearing? Thank you

The issue of the medical records should only be addressed once, the judge will decide at the temporary hearing if you have to turn them over or not. If you are the dependant spouse and unable to meet your spouse on equal footing with respect to representation you may seek attorney’s fees at the temporary hearing if you have already have made a claim for the same.

Temporary hearings are intended to be non-prejudicial, however with respect to custody, the status quo at the time of the permanent hearing can be considered.

You will need to attend all of the hearings.