Sounds like a dumb question, but

How do I find out, without having to spend an entire day in court, exactly what the procedure is for this permanent hearing? I went to court a few times before the temp hearing, but what I saw were not hearings like ours anyway. I thought I had seen enough of how the judge conducts things, and I knew how much time I had to present my side. Then I found out once I got there, that I was all wrong about a lot of things, and I never did get to show so much of the evidence that I have.

Is there a book I ought to read, as well? Something that will inform me of the legal language that will be used (like “lack of foundation”; I heard that from his attorney a few times). Is there a decent book out there for the lay person trying to represent herself?

And what is the procedure? Since he is the plaintiff, from what I gather, he goes first. I go second. Then I got surprised by teh judge telling me that since the burden of proof wsa on them, they got to go last with closing argumetns (and my case, not even knowing about this part, I sounded like such an idiot). What is the procedure for a permanent hearing? Is it done in one day? I’ve been told that we each have 3.5 hours. Will that be done all in one day? I have a witness from out of state coming, so this is really, really important to know.

Thank you so very much for all the help you’ve given me so far. What an incredible service. Thank you.

Some counties provide a procedural guide in the local rules for that county, however I still believe the best way to prepare yourself for the way a trial runs is to watch a few of the same type of hearing.

You should read the NC rules of evidence to get a better understanding of objections made in court and how to present evidence.

The Plaintiff goes first, and has the change to “open close” and close in closing arguments. In other words Plaintiff’s attorney can make a closing argument first, and then another one to rebut your closing argument.

He will have 3.5 hours and you will have 3.5 hours. Any time you use cross examining the Plaintiff’s witnesses comes off your time and vice/ versa. The hearing should be all in one day.

Where can i get a copy of the Rules of Evidence that you mentioned?

Try looking online, or the library.

There are some very good online articles available for download from the public library.