Calls to Children

Court Order states non-custodial parent (or custodial when visiting non-custodial), can call on specific days at specific times.

The children, have their own cell phone. At times, the children refuse to answer when the non-custodial parent calls. Non-custodial parent is threatening to file for Contempt. What exactly are my responsibilities as the custodial parent in this situation? Can I be held in contempt?

I am encouraging the children to speak with the other parent. Children are in therapy and this is one of things being addressed. I am not in any way preventing them from answering. If I hear the phone ringing, I will tell them they need to answer, but I’m not always with them or not in the same room with them on the designated days and times.

I cannot predict what any one judge will do in any one situation. To be held in contempt judge must find that you are wilfully violating the Order. Depending on the ages of the children a judge may hold you more ,or less (less the older the children are) responsible for ensuring the phone contact occurs.