Can ex lose drivers license for non payment


Yes, NC General Statute section 110, subjects parents who do not comply with child support orders to the revocation of business, professional, driver’s fishing or hunting licenses. It would be helpful to contact the child support enforcement office in your county for help on taking action.

You should probably request that your attorney document the verbal agreement between attorneys. You also want to ask whether or not this will be turned into a consent agreement or court order. You will really need something in writing documenting the agreement.

You can represent yourself, if necessary, but perhaps your attorney would agree to prepare you for the hearing. Good luck.

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Does the law in North Carolina provide for the loss of a drivers license for non payment of child support? How delinquent must the parent be before such an action is taken?

As I have stated in an earlier post, my ex husband sued me for contempt for not having paid his attorney fees in an earlier “bogus” case agains me. I appeared in court, but the case was dropped because there were no grounds for “willfull contempt.” During that meeting between me, my ex, and our attorneys there were several issues discussed and agreed upon verbally. We agreed on the amount of money he owed me on medical bills, when they would be paid, and set a specific week for visitation. We also went before the Judge for our Divorce to be granted.

I’ve received the order for the Divorce, however there is nothing mentioned about the $1,300 medical bills, when it should be paid, or the weekend for visitation. It’s been a couple of months since then, and the $1,300 was supposed to have already been paid. I’ve called my attorney and they don’t seem to concerned that none of this is in writing, and tell me that the attorneys had a “verbal agreement”. How can I sue my ex for contempt for not paying the $1,300 on a verbal agreement? My ex tells me that paying the medical bill is not a “priority” for him…plus he’s behind in his child support.

Can I represent myself in the contempt case, if necessary?