Can ex tell me where i can or can not live?


ex husband and i lived in granville county, he still does, but i currently have an apt. in durham. i’m looking to move toward chatham county because that’s where i grew up and majority of my family lives around there. ex knows i want to move to chatham, but he’s using our 3 girls as a pawn to keep me from doing it. he currently has primary custody he girls and i get them every weekend right now. he tells me if i move up to granville county that he will let me get them from school every day till he’s off work and get them every weekend, but if i move to chatham county he’ll make sure i never get custody of the girls and i’ll be lucky to get see them once or twice a month. i have no desire to go back to an area that i never liked or felt like home to me, but i want to be with my children. can my ex do this? is it legal for him to use the girls to keep me from living where i want to and to keep me around even though me and him are not together?!


If there is a custody order then he must abide by it. He could go to court to modify the order if it is unworkable after your move.