Erin, please tell me

what rights do i have as an unemployed mother to 3 young kids, when my soon to be ex-husband works under the table? it’s pretty self-explanitory…i’m a sahm to 3 little girls, he works under the table, if he and i split, what rights do i have to my girls, and what actions can i take? i’ve tried, so much, but i can’t keep trying. just earlier today, he got angry and slammed a chair on the floor, breaking it. i don’t need to be around that sort of thing, and neither do my children. please tell me what steps i can take to ensure their safety and mine? i live in granville county. thanks!

You may move out, and take the children with you. You will need to file an action for child custody, child support, equitable distribution, post-separation support, alimony and attorney’s fees. Your spouse has an obligation to support you and the children, and may be liable for your attorney’s fees as well.

I suggest you meet with a lawyer in your area as soon as possible to create a plan of action.

thanks for the info. are you aware of any places in the granville, orange, chatham, or durham county areas that i could take my children to? sort of like a low-income apt. type of place? i don’t have family nearby, closest is about 160 miles away, and all of my friends have families of their own so i’m not going to burden them with mine, also. i’ve heard of in-ch-co apts. in chapel hill, but not sure if they’d apply to someone like me. thanks!

Please contact our client liaison by dialling 919.787.6668 and selecting extension 100. She will be able to give you some information on shelters and other alternative housing.

I sincerely wish you all the best.

again, thanks for the info. i am curious about another thing, if i apply for legal aid and housing help, will it cover me moving from one county to another? i’m in granville, but would like to move to chatham county. i grew up in the chatham area, and it seems to be a better area for my children, also.

I’m sorry but do not know the details relating to housing assistance.