What are my rights and what can i do

i’ve mentioned before wanting to leave my husband, but not having done so due to my not having a job and still being in college. i still don’t have a job, and he works under the table and not regularly at all, either. we have 3 young daughters and currently live in granville county. if i filed to emergency custody of our girls and went to stay with some family we have in rockingham (richmond county) what rights would i have? what rights would he have? also, if i move from granville to maybe, orange county, is there any place that could offer me assistance in finding a place to live with the girls until i’m able to find a job, maybe a low-income apartment or something of the sort? will it reflect badly on me if i leave and take the girls while i’m unemployed? thanks.

This case is not appropriate for an emergency custody action. You may file an action for child custody, leave the home and take the children, so long as you tell him where you are going and provide him access to them.

You may want to consider contacting a Family Services group in your area regarding temporary assistance.

i have no intentions of trying to keep the girls from their daddy. all i’d ask is he promises to keep his temper in check and not use the belt, cause they can be a handful at times. other than that, i’d be ok with him seeing them whenever he wants to. my reason for leaving would mostly be, his extreme lack of motivation to do anything with his life, and the fact he and i simply can’t get along anymore.

I understand, and think what you are seeking is reasonable. I wish you all the best.