Housing, financial, and legal help?


i’ve about had it with my husband, he drinks way too much, refuses to do anything with his life, always angry at me and our 3 girls, goes out about every night, etc…i can’t keep dealing with it. i want out! i believe it’d be best for me and the girls. problem is, i have no idea where to start! i don’t have a job, so i can’t exactly support me and them (when he works it’s under the table) i’m in school online full-time through vgcc, and i don’t really have family very close. i’m currently living in granville county but want to move the the chapel hill area in hopes of finding a job around there. if he and i do split up, is there any housing, financial, and legal help out there for free or low-cost to unemployed moms? i’ve heard of work first, but know nothing about it… if so, how do i contact them? i’m tired of being unhappy and so are my girls, they deserve so much better than what they’re getting, and i’ve got to find a way to give them that. thank you!


There may be help available to you, I would suggest you contact social services to learn more. Legal aid may be able help you with your child custody case, and DSS can help with child support.