Support/need sympathetic help fast please


Here is a number that I got from another forum: 1-800-799-SAFE
They also have a website . Honestly I don’t know much about them, but the people on the divorce forum where I got this info from have used it and suggest it often to the people in your situation. Be careful and safe, and I hope you get things worked out.


Type it out as much as you can. This is new to me also but please,please talk to someone. Someone will answer you. Where are you in NC? I’m in Fayetteville.


Hello everyone,

I’m beginning to feel desperate. I am all alone in this horrible divorce mess, and my kids safety is at grave risk.

Is there anyone or any immediated support groups, in the Charlotte, Monroe, Waxhaw, Huntersville, even raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham areas, that can meet/talk with me asap.

I really need to talk to someone who has EXPERIENCED DV for themselves. I have NO ONE here and I’m feeleing much to frustrated and scared. Please help me to help the kids and myself.

I feel like I will have a mental break down soon, if I can’t find a “ture” and genuine support friend soon - ONE who HAS ACTUALLY beenthrough DV and abuse to the kids as well bythe spouse.

Everyone I reach out to here, just ends up making me feel more depressed and desperate.

Anyone??? I’m willing to travel to nearby vicinities (even SC), if there are people out there I can meet with about this topic.

Thanks much, and hoep to get a response.

P.S. Tried the shelter, but it is in a jurisdiction that my husband has a LOT of PULL over. :frowning: