Need Urgent Fast Legal Representation

I’m seven and a half months into my divorce and my entire case has been filed in motions and it’s already prepared. I’ve also prepared tons of supporting evidence.

I have pending motions and court dates and no attorney because my attorney recused himself because I don’t think he could handle the time needed to finish it out. I have paid him in full.

But due to the fact that I’ve paid an exorbitant amount in legal fees, paid my husband money, and I’m paying all the bills and he’s not paying any bills, I’m out off cash and credit.

I’ve been married 33 yrs and have been a victim of extreme mental, emotional, and physical abuse, but I’m very strong and very good in court. I’m not angry. I’m calm, collective, and factual. I’m intelligent, well groomed and composed.

I do have one great asset and that’s a unique free and clear paid for property up on Beech mountain that is worth quit a bit. The case I have aspires to remove my husband from the deed for all his various contempts of court and illegal acts, but even if it doesn’t, I want to sell fast and move on. Perhaps order the sale of the property or ask the judge for time to let me sell it.

I have sole possession of the property and a one year dvo that doesn’t expire until August. If need be, I will petition for another year based on the current dvo violations and other concerns.

I have a great case, a great piece of property, he stole both sources of my income, and $250,000 in other assets. He is living with the paramour in VA now. I’m literally just trying to survive on top a mountain in a remote location. I have my whole case on CD.

We do not have any kids.

Im located in Boone NC in Watauga County.

If you can refer my post here to anyone and everyone, please do.