Ex says I can't move from Raleigh with our child


I am the primary custodian of my children. I live near my ex who has:
been arrested for domestic violence on me and our 15 year old son (child abuse)
-cheated on me
-abuses alcohol several times a month
-been arrested for DUI (2nd one) since our separation-1st one was during the marriage (which lasted 13 years)
-he is currently seeing the woman (fonville morisey agent) he had affair with and accompanied her as a date to a work function while we are separated
-Had her and her daughter in our old home and my children found evidence that the daughter was there because she left notes for my daughter on a drawing tablet.

My ex has an explosive temper and screamed at me that his attorney told him that I am not able to move away from Raleigh (I want to move to Wilmington), if my job can be filled in Raleigh. Is that true? Please help, I want to get away from him because living so close is emotionally killing me, we have been together since we were 16 years old (21 years). I also have been thinking of filing alienation of affection/tort/criminal conversation against the other woman, but don’t know what it may cost or if it is worth it to me to go through all that.

Please advise.