Can I sue for having to go to court for false charges

I am separated from my STBX husband and have left the state. I have tried to get my ex to settle our property and debt with no luck. He wont agree to sell our home without me paying him $5000 which I don’t have - I am 50K in debt from my 3 year marriage. There isn’t any equity in the home. When I ask him to settle the debt, he tells me not to file on him to pay anything or he will file domestic forgery charges against me. I took out a 401K loan, he had to sign the application which he did. Now he is threatening to say he didn’t sign it, I forged it. I didn’t forge it and I have copies of his signature to prove it. I know he is crazy enough to file these stupid charges but when he does and I prove I didn’t forge his name (btw- it was notorized) can I sue him for the costs of me flying back and forth to NC plus atty fees for these false charges?

I do not practice in that area of the law, and cannot answer your question relating to potential false charges.
What I can suggest however, is that you file an action for Equitable Distribution of your marital property to have a court determine a fair distribution.