Can't get separation Papers signed

  1. There is no requirement for seperation papers in order to prove seperation. Proof is usually the word of the people involved. If there is a dispute about it, it can be lease agreements, bills involving another residence.

2.I do not know the answer to this.

3.Possibly, but AoA cases are expensive and time consuming, not always resulting in compensation of a level worth the hassle. That should be discussed with an attorney.

4.She should contact the child support office in her area. There is a 25.00 filing fee, they will then take care of dertemining child supprt amounts, making court dates, enforcement, and pretty much everything she will need done… in reguards to child support. PSS or alimony is something that would have to be addressed in court if he is unwilling to even sign a seperation agreement.

The court will go on the word of the person filing for divorce that they have been separated for one year one day by the date of filing. Legal separation does not exist in NC but realistically, one person must leave the marital home before separation can begin. It’s normally in their best interest to consult an attorney and get an agreement signed to protect themselves.

I’m not sure how to file for abandonment, but if he has not been upholding his finacial responsibilities to her or his children then it is abandonment.

Him moving in with another woman would be alienation of affection if this woman had influence over him that resulted in him leaving. It would also be cohabitation and possibly criminal coversation (Act of sex with someone other than spouse or adultery).

She can file with the local Child support enforcement agency and there are probably links on here or someone can post to get child support. I’m not sure about him not paying the bills. If his name is on the bills, then legally he is still responsible as far as the creditors are concerned. I would suggest that she do everything in her power to get his name removed from utilities, and any other accounts and do her best to reduce them or pay them herself. Up to the date of separation, all bank accounts can be divided since they are considered marital property.

You do not need a Separation Agreement to prove the date of separation. The testimony of either party would be evidence as to the date. If there is a dispute it can be proven using evidence, such as utility bills, etc.

There is no specific charge of abandonment, it is something you allege when making a claim to the court for support or equitable distribution.

Alienation of Affection means that the parties had a happy marriage and the actions of a third party alienated one spouse and destroyed the happy marriage. Simply moving in with someone does not prove alienation of affection.

If he is not paying child support she can contact Child Support enforcement and they will pursue child support on her behalf. Their website if

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I have a friend who’s husband left her almost 6 months ago, and she has not been able to get him to sign separation papers. It’s always one excuse after another. She cannot afford a lawyer and has contacted legal aid, but they are unwilling to help her. I am trying to help her do some research since she doesn’t have a computer, but it’s difficult to find information.

Question: If she can’t get separation papers signed, how will the courts know they’ve been separated?

Does she need to file a charge of abandonment, and if so, how does she do that?

He has moved in with another woman, does this classify as Alienation of affection?

He is not paying the bills or child support so she is having a difficult time. Any help to put her in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thank you.